Lavaux - Walking the famous vineyards and pretty villages

Montreux is right on the edge of the UNESCO world heritage site Lavaux - a beautiful region of hills by Lake Geneva that are covered with vineyards.

What better way to spend a sunny October Sunday than to head over to Saint-Saphorin? It's a tiny village that looks as if you had just travelled back in time a few hundred years. So scenic and pretty!
This is one of the paths that lead up to the vineyards.
It's a steep way up, but you are soon rewarded with great views.
Many, many terraces...
Montreux is somewhere back there!
That's all there is to Saint-Saphorin! It's really tiny. But the wine is famous...
Living on the edge...

The only way is up
Vineyards as far as you can see! Up there on the hill is Chexbres, another famous vine village, and the general direction in which we were headed. But up here you don't walk in straight lines...
Admiring the view

Autumn leaves and ivy
"La Suisse" on her way to Vevey
The two kinds of animals we saw often durin the day but which were hard to photograph: Butterflies and lizards.
Olivier is fascinated by the little cars they use here for transportation up and down the hill. More like a rollercoaster!
Most raisins had already been picked, but we found some late ones.
Many of the winegrowers like to plant roses on the edges of their yards.

Caught another lizard! It was hard work - one false movment and they run away.
Sunny wine leaves
Next village: Rivaz
Somebody renovated this former miller's house by a small waterfall - they have a gread garden that goes over several levels.
Arriving in Rivaz
Nearly every house has a sign on it that advertises the family wine! It's THE one trade of the village!
We walked down to the lake and then back to Saint-Saphorin where we went to eat desserts in the Auberge de l'Onde.
I would have taken more pictures of this pretty village if my battery hadn't died.... But we will be back!

Back on the island - a trip to Montreux wouldn't be complete without at least one dramatic sunset!
Last rays of sunlight on the Dents du Midi.

And then it was time to drive home... Au revoir until next time!