Vianden, Luxemburg - A picture book castle

Some castles really look the way you always imagine them in your dreams. The one in Vianden is definitely one of those - it has also been reconstructed with great effort. That's probably why it has been used as a location for several films.
So on our second visit to Luxemburg this year, that's where we went for our little family excursion. 
Japanese pose - ready to enter the castle.
Beautiful autumn leaves around and in the castle.
Halloween is near... And somebody apparently thought it would be a good idea to decorate the castle accordingly...
The Weapon Hall
A little rest in the Byzantine hall

The chapel looks really interesting. There is a whole in the center where you can look down to the lower floor, that's why there are so many columns.
There are leftovers of the old ring wall with several towers around the village below the castle.
There was more than just decoration, as we found out - they had a pre-Halloween event with lots of people dressed up in scary costumes.
They probably didn't know why - but as a Doctor Who fan I found the angel statues the most scary... Don't blink!
The castle is big and has a labyrinth of rooms to walk through with stairs leading you up and down.

Ancient fireplace
Now that's an elaborate bed! Complete with a bed pan for heating.

Looking down at Laurence and Mia - and the water fountain.
The big kitchen
A place with important family ties, not only the Vianden but also the Nassau, Orange and others.
The "white" tower, one of many in this castle.

The towers are a bit hard to photograph from inside the castle.
The little village of Vianden.
Stones, moss and ivy.
More autumn colors - blue berries on red leaves and red berries on green leaves

Last pose
By now the Halloween party was in full swing with more dressed up people arriving every minute.
We went back to Luxemburg instead for a cozy night in.