Istanbul - Escaping Winter!

Just as Winter finally found Switzerland after a glorious, warm Autumn, I boarded a plane and was trasported back into warm weather! For this alone, booking a second trip to Istanbul this year had been worth it.

My first afternoon here is usually a bit hectic. But since I didn't have to order a dance costume or do other "important" things, I just went shopping. This was after all one of my goals for this vacation - and after a few hours I started to wonder why I bother packing clothes at all since I buy so many here! It's just really cheaper than at home... Haven't found the perfect new boots yet, but there's still a week to go for that.

Instead of dinner I went here and bought a huge strawberry tartlet. 

Then I went to my little vacation house to relax. After all, it was Saturday evening and I needed some rest along with the calories from that tartlet to have energy for dancing tango.

I arrived at the 333 milonga after 10 PM and stayed until 3 AM! 
Actually, at first I was cursed with a bunch of bad / boring dancers. One of them even started our dance by stepping right on my big toe - and he didn't even apologize! What's more, he danced as stiff as a robot. I fled after just one song. During the evening he asked me FOUR times to dance with him again but I always refused. Clueless!
Fortunately, as the evening went on, I also met some good dancers and chatted with some of them.
This and a performance of two guest teachers from Argentina meant that I spent quite some time sitting - which explains why I stayed so long before getting tired. 
It turned out to be a lovely night after all.

And since pictures of tango dancers are not very interesting, here's the view from the milonga's balcony. Not too shabby either!