Istanbul - Park and Art

Travelling solo doesn't mean that you are always alone - for this excursion I meet up with Kes from Amsterdam, a fellow dancer who I had met the year before during the Tarazade Festival. She lives here and is a member of a folklore dance group. 
Together we took the long bus ride along the Bosphorus to Emirgan Park, after the second bridge.

End of November is not exactly park season.... There were only other few people walking around  - put many working on improving the paths and other parts. Most of the flowers had been removed. Only the evergreen plants remained...

Posing on a bench
One of the many buildings in this huge park. There was an empty marble pond in front of it that would have an illuminated fountain. Use your imagination!
The view is nice all year round.
Creative ways of dealing with dead trees.

Kes with art! A tulip made out of glass tulips. The garbage bags are authentic.
Nailed it!
There are tons of picknick tables for the warmer season all over the park.
We even found a pond that was actually filled with water. It must be so pretty here when everything is in bloom!
Dolphin fountain
Another of the nice buildings. This one actually had an open restaurant with a terrace. The only place in the park with a small crowd of people.

It's also beautiful inside - mirror selfie time.
After having a snack there we walked on to the Sakip Sabanci museum which is quite close by.
It's also in a villa overlooking the Bosphorus. 

We found the last butterfly.
Entrance with fish pond
Art starts in the garden - this must be one of the most photographed objects outside of Sultanahmet! I had seen tons of pictures on Instagram and it's actually the reason I decided to come here.
So I took tons of pictures too! The nine columns are covered in gold-plated mosaic tiles and they catch the light differently depending on the angle.

They view isn't too shabby either.
From a distance...

Inside there was a temporary exhibition about the ZERO art movement (post World War II).
One of the artists got creative with nails.

"Pearl flowers"
Special mirror selfie...
Looks like an alien seed...
Moving light installation

Us and art

The biggest objects were these inflatable flowers / palm trees. They also moved a bit because they were regularly a bit deflated and then pumped up again.
Me with art - these things are huge!

360 degrees view: - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
More nail art - and I don't mean a manicure...
This museum also ghad an (expensive) restaurant with a view. I had a chocolate cake that was delicious but could have bought two dinners...
In the old part of the mansion which used to be inhabited by a very rich family.

It's luster time!

There is also a large collection of calligraphy and handwritten/painted books.
On the way out.
Taken from a 360 degrees photo.
See the full roundview:
 Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
And then we walked for a long time...
Very Istanbul: a feeding station for street cats and dogs.
We found a haunted looking house.
The Rumeli fort had been part of the plan as well, but it was loo late for that now. Another good reason to come back!
It's massive!
We walked until Bebek where we had some nice waffles and then took the bus back to Kabatas. 
From there Kes went on the ferry home to Kadiköy while I walked home to give my feet some much needed rest.

The night before I had met a tango dancer who is Turkish but lives in Switzerland. We had dinner toghether and then went to the milonga La Cumparsita. I had heard good things about it and it really is a nice little place. By now I started seeing several people that I had danced with or observed before. Some of these dancers are so addicted, they dance every night!