Hawai'i - Green, loads of green!

The big theme on Thursday was GREEN! Ironically it was the first day on which I wasn't wearing any green clothes. 
We checked out of the hotel and drove up the east coast of the island, taking the scenic route for a first bit which leas us directly to the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens.

Actually we first walked down a small path shortly before the garden's entrance and ended up on  a little beach. 
Besides the lovely view we also met a lot of hungry mosquitos - the warm and wet weather was just what they liked.

The Botanical Garden itself was truely awesome - built directly into the jungle with many trails and even a little lake.

Next stop: 'Akaka Falls State Park
There is a path that takes you around the park.

The first waterfalls you can see if you look really hard are over there:
Walking on
And here, much easier to see, are the big Akaka Falls.
A bridge through the jungle.
We drove on until we got to the "town" of Honokaa. It's basically a street with what counts here as historic houses.
Everything is built out of wood, even the church.