Hilo, Hawai'i - Adventure time!

Another early morning... Willow was kind enough to dive us to the airport so we could get on our 7:30 flight to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
We deposited our luggage at the hotel and were on the road to our first big adventure by 9 AM. 
I was glad that we were so early because we were walking and it was already hot enough by then.
I had compiled an itinerary that would take us to several waterfalls and a cave.
But first we had to walk uphill for a while. Whenever possible we chose smaller streets through residential areas to the main road.
Beautiful orchids growing on an old plumeria tree.
First stop: Rainbow falls - at this time the rainbow was only slightly visible in the smaller waterfall down left but it was a stunning view nevertheless.
Walking through the forest besides the falls to the top.
Looking back to were we where standing before. This is a major attraction and there were hordes of tourists on the bus tours.

Rock posing
Looking up the river

Where the water gets ready to fall
Oli always has to go to the furthest point.
Old trees and their roots

On we walked, passing by more homes and their gardens.

Boiling Pots waterfalls.
We thought we could walk down to the riverbed here as well. We should have known better when the sign said "Trail closed, danger". But we didn't let that stop us!
Down through the jungle... Eventually we really arrived down by the water but there was no way to climb on the rocks in the river. Dead end... Well, we climbed our way back up again!
Not sure if we were being bad ass or just stupid...
Climbing up always goes much faster than going down.
Our next goal were the Waiale Falls. Walking up once again.
Unfortunately these waterfalls were incorrectly placed on Google maps and we went up a long road which got smaller and smaller and eventually simply ended in the green. All we found there was a bunch of dogs barking at us to defend their homes.

Turning around, walking down to where the road gets wider again.
It turned out that we had walked by the Waiale falls nearly an hour ago - there just wasn't a sign to indicate their name! So we saw them a second time on our way back.
Pop song references abounded during this hike. Before it wad been "I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through" - now we arrived at "I'm on a road to nowhere".

Fortunately there's a dam on the side that we could walk on - it was more comfortable than wandering on the hot street.
Just a little waterfall for a change.
We had clearly underestimated the walking distances. Everything looked so much closer on the map!
It should also be noted that we hadn't seen a single restaurant or even store for hours! All we had was a small bottle of water that we were carefully rationing.

Somewhere on the horizon is the coast... (We didn't walk down this road, it's just for reference)
Workers in the field
Finally we reached the road that went down to the Kaumana caves. 
Seldom have I been so glad to see a water fountain!
Climbing down - there are two cave entrances, one to each side.
The first cave was not very deep but the view out was lovely.
Taking pictures of each other
The second, bigger cave. It was so refreshing to be out of the sun and in the cool for a change!

Further into the cave.
From there all we could do was walk, walk, walk... No public transport, no taxis, in case you were wondering. And still no restaurants until we finally reached downtown Hilo.

Streetart in Hilo
More street art and the typical car of choice here.
As you might remember, we had started at 9 AM - by the time we finally sat down in an Indian restaurant it was 5:20 PM. My feet were killing me and I was "hungry like the wolf".
The vegetarian food was great and I ate my tofu tikka masala down to the last rice grain.

All that was left was walking back to the hotel past early 20th century buildings that are typical for this neighborhood.
We soooo tired and totally exhausted. No other activites for that day! Instead we got 12 straight hours of sleep!