Honolulu - Aloha again!

Thanks to the wonders of our planet we experienced the longest Friday ever: We left Japan on Friday evening, crossed the date line and arrived in Honolulu on Friday morning!

Our lovely friend Willow picked us up at the airport. After a refreshing shower and a change of clothes we went out for lunch together. Since it was her birthday we ended it with a big, delicious piece of cake.

The culture section of the day was a visit to the instalation "Footprints of Life" by Kusama at the iconic IBM building. It was one of those things that simply demand for several pictures.

Willow, me and Olivier, all wearing our lei for Aloha Friday: 

They look inviting, but don't sit on the sculptures!

As you can see, the fountain repeats the building's typical facade.
Palm trees - must be a tropical island!
The building also has a great bathroom that goes straight into my collection of "stylish toilets around the world".
To complete the afternoon we did some shopping - I had planned to buy new black walking sandals here and actually found a good pair, while Oli who as usual had declared that he wasn't going to buy anything, got the first of several new shirts.
By the end of the afternoon our jet lag kicked in and we had to go home and take a good nap.

Of course we wouldn't let a Friday evening go to waste! Willow drove us to Waikiki where tons of people were walking up and down the streets. 
We had lured Oli out of the house with the promise of ice cream but we took a while until we got some, checking out many shops on the way. I found a new bikini - which always is a long process. But there was a sale on, perfect opportunity!

Finally we treated ourselves to some Häagen-Dazs and went close to the beach to eat it. 
It was still warm at 11 PM - and in this picture I am wearing the second pair of new sandals that I bought that day - they are essential for life here! Also note that my hairstyle was still holding up perfectly, despite all the travelling and several naps.
Not done yet with the shopping? Don't worry, H&M is open until midnight and of course they also had a sales section. You can't beat a rack of clothes with heavily reduced in prices!
So I'd call this a very successful day.