Honolulu - Beach and Shopping

Ever since the first time we came to Hawai'i in 2005 shopping has been one of our main activities here.
It's the winning combination of having a lot of time and a lot of opportunities - and all those shops and brands we don't have at home! 
When Olivier said that this time he would not buy much and instead just go surfing and hiking, I didn't believe it for a second. He's a big shopper! 

That's why when we were on our way to the beach on Saturday morning, we got a bit distracted... 
Well, the first bit of Kalakaua avenue was fine, there aren't man shops. But once you reach Waikiki, temptation waits at every step. Even when you're "just looking". Oli wants to buy new surf trunks and therefore must look at them in every shop to find the perfect ones.
And there were also things we needed like a new towel and beach bags.

By the way, we didn't take any electronics to the beach, so the only picture I can show you is that of my new bag's fabric.
It's no wonder then that it was 10:30 by the time we reached the beach. That's far too late to go surfing for me because the sun is already very strong by this time and I didn't want to get a sunburn. Oli on the other side went to catch some waves.

Instead I installed myself in a shady place under a tree, right beside a bunch of Polish people who were telling each other funny stories and some Japanese women who were fortunately very quiet.

During our entire walk I hadn't dound a place that sold books or other reading materials so all I could do was doze for a while and then do some people watching until Oli came back. Fortunately he didn't surf as long as he usually does.
I jumped around in the water a bit myself while he took my place to relax.

It was the early afternoon when we went back into shopping mode on our way back - we looked at everything, from shoes to hats (of which Oli bought two!) and just had a bit of puke (raw tuna fish in sauce) for a snack.

I really wanted to buy a book to read at the beach and the only book store that came to mind was the Barnes & Nobles at the Ala Moana shopping mall, so that's where we went. I was glad that I had  bought comfortable new sandals the day before for all that walking!

The mall is huge and of course since we were already there we also went into some other shops after I had bought my book. And we had a excellent gelato for "dinner".

By the time we finally got home we had been out for almost 11 hours. That and a bit of jet lag made us go to bed soon. Plus we wanted to be down at the beach much earlier the next day!