Honolulu - Beaches, temples and loads of wind

We hadn't done as much surfing as the previous times in Hawai'i. So on our last day in Honolulu we headed down to the beach in the morning.
It was rather flat but I managed to catch some waves and inbetween simply enjoyed the view. I also noticed how many smiling people you can see on their surf boards.

I went back to the beach to read and to wait until Olivier would come back in. Once he gets in the "zone" he completely forgets the time... By 11 AM he finally made his way back. Smiling of course.
We walked up to where Willow was waiting for us after her yoga class.
Palm tree posing!
She took us to a little shop called Siam Imports where apparently the local hippies had been getting their outfits for many years. The prices were cheap, so we got new tops which we wore to go to eat at Teddy's Bigger Burgers.
Delicious burgers and sweet potatoe fries
After some digestive rest at home we went on a drive through town. We'd already noticed all the different little churches for many variations of the Christian faith (how do you choose the right one?) but now Willow showed us some temples.

Japanese Buddhist temple with a statue of the founder in the front
All kinds of offerings
Who doesn't love a fold ornament?

Another Japanese temple (which was closed)
Chinese Buddhist temple - quite a big one!
Giant orchids on the altar

While making our way to the next one we walked through a little park wher we found this amazing tree. It's like a mini forest with wide branches and other plants growing on it.
Japanese Shinto temple.
Our actual destination had been the Pali lookout from where we had this amazing view on the east coast od the island.
A ray of sunlight through the clouds

It had already been windy all day long but up here it was the strongest.
I was wearing the worst possible clothing: a wrap dress. Only a safety pin could safe my modesty!
If you want to know exactly how strong that wind was, look at the palm tree in the center of this picture.
Wild chicken roaming around the parking lot.
Since we had already come this far we drove down to Kailua and ended up in Whold Foods, a big store where everything was organic and "healthy".
Old school way of buying grains.
When we got out of there, a group of Hare Krishnas were chanting - which prompted us to put on the "Hair" soundtrack in the car on the way back and sing along to every song.

In the evening Oli finally got what he had been wanting the whole time: the new iPad! It's cheaper here so he really got a good deal out of it. It's not the first time for him to buy electronics in Honolulu, since they're always a bit cheaper here.

Then we all went to the cinema together to watch the Jungle Book which was especially interesting since we had seen so much jungle in the past days that it felt like a familiar environment!