Honolulu -Dance and dine

Willow had been kind enough to organize and promote two workshops for me. So we sent Oli off to the beach in the late morning and headed to the dance studio.

I didn't have many students this time but those who came really profited from the classes.

After a little bit of rest at home, Willow had her butoh class at 5 PM and I decided to tag along. I don't really know much about butoh but the class format was open for any kind of students. There were exercises for crossing the room and others for getting up from the floor in different positions which we had to do very slowly.

We only went home very shortly after this to pick up Oli who had just come home from several hours of surfing and a little shopping. Then we went over to a small Japanese restaurant where we met the entire butoh class for dinner, celebrating the birthdays of two of the students.

The food from the Okinawa region was outstanding, especially the dish called taco rice that received its final touch right at the table from the waiter who looked like a member of a boy band.
Just a bar and some tables, it's all it takes.
Somebody had brought an excellent home-made carrot cake with Happy Birthday written on it.

We were quite a loud bunch and I think some Japanese tourists were a bit confused about us!
If you ever thought that Asian ladies were quiet, you never met the butoh bunch!

Group picture at the restaurant's entrance - if you are ever in Honolulu, I can really recommend this place!