Honolulu - Dolphins and dancing

So you think we have been getting up early recently? What about 4:30 AM for a change? Yes, that's VERY early, but it was so worth it! We got on a bus of Dolphins an You to go - you guessed it - swimming with dolphins.

But first we had to pick up other guests at various hotels and drive up the west coast of Oahu.
There we got on a board and went up even higher, passing by some quiet beaches.
As often in Hawai'i more than half of the tourists were Japanese, so we had an extra Japanese guide.
We finally stopped somewhere north of Makaha. Everybody put on their snorkeling gear and we jumped in.
Not even a minute later the guide already shouted: "Look down!"
And there they were!

There were over 30 dolphins swimming around under us, it was amazing.
Here's a short video:

After they had left, we waited for a little while and moved around a bit, until we saw the next group.
That's quite a difference to the last dolphin tour I had been on where we had to wait a long time to see them. Apparently they come here frequently to rest during the day.

Moving on to a different bay.

Dancers posing
We went back in for more snorkeling and to see big turtles. I found several of them, and one even swam besides me for a little while.
Three turtles!
Snorkel selfie

On the way back we got our cheeseburgers and some of the boat staff danced a little hula for us.

We were also enjoying the view of this beautiful coast.
We were dropped off at the Ala Moana mall where we had parked the car and we went in because we desperately needed to drink something.
On the way to the parking lot we passed by the center stage where the daily hula show was just in progress, so we stopped and watched.
It's not just for girls!

What better way to relax from all these adventures than to go sit down in a hairdresser's chair?
I usually get my hair cut on vacation and Willow took me to her stylist Denniz. It's always an experience to get your hair done by him because he has a rather colorful past and 100 interesting stories to tell.
I noticed that I was totally not used to chatting with a hairdresser anymore because I usually get my hair done in Istanbul and there's always the language barrier.

At home we had to start preparing for the evening. Willow had organized a hafla show and I was supposed to be dancing two numbers. Since I had had not time to prepare the entire last week, I had to do my best now, practicing the choreographies as good as I could.

That's me, doing my Bollywood number.
 All the performers - it was a very mixed, colorful show.