Honolulu - Hiking and the nightlife

Saturday was the first day of this vacation for which we didn't have big plans. But of course even though I didn't set the alarm, I woke up at 7 AM... Well, I took the opportunity to sort out my things and do some laundry - when you pack light and only bring 3 pairs of pants to a hot climate, that's what you must do!

When Olivier finally got up as well I took a look at my list of "things I want to do in Hawai'i" and it told me that we still hadn't gone hiking in Honolulu. It's a big city but the mountains are practically in the backyard. 

I put on a pair of freshly washed pants and off we went!

Walking up Punahou street with its big trees.
There are several,little churches in this area for every flavour of faith.
The nice homes in the Makiki neighborhood 
Do you see me, leaning against this giant tree?
There are several small rivers to be crossed on the Makiki Valley loop trail.
This time we were not walking to get to a certain attraction, the hike was the goal.
This trail is not for the faint of heart! It kept going up for the longest time! I found out that the highest point is 230 meters - and we practically started at sea level!
Long pants are a must, even in the heat. Don't let the mosquitos eat you...
There in the distance are the ocean and the city.

Finally walking down - over 1000 roots!
There's this special kind of tree that apparently prevents everything else from growing.
Back in civilization - and this is how the wooden houses here are built.
Right on our way home there's a Foodland store. We got in to see what they had for us.
Of course there's a special counter just for poke in all kinds of variations. Oli loves the raw tuna fish and he took two bowls.
I am always slightly offended by the so called "cheese" here that looks like plasic - especially when it's called "Swiss". No wonder my American visitors always go crazy when they see the cheese section in Swiss stores!
It's better to concentrate on the local goods like fruits and Kona coffee of which Oli got some packages.

We took our purchases home and feasted on poke and cherry pie.

In the evening we accompagnied Willow to a singing gig she had with her band, the Hotclub of Hulaville.
And this wasn't just any gig, it took place at the Sheraton for a gala dinner of the Make A Wish foundation. The dress code was "white" and we did our best to look good although we weren't half as fancy as the wealthy guests of the event. I saw some spectacular dresses!

Lovely table decoration
Hors d'oeuvres
The entrance piece was rather over the top as well!
Willow singing in her fanciest white dress - her wedding gown.
One of the hosts with Violet, a little girl who has cancer and seems to be kind of a "face" of the foundation.
There were also other children present who had been granted a special wish.

Since Willow's gig was for the entire evening and it was a little awkward for us to just stand there when everybody else was sitting and eating, we went outside for a stroll on Kalakaua Avenue. Waikiki is always busy with many people in the evening.
Moon over Waikiki beach.
Posing with the Duke.
We took the opportunity to do a little shopping as well.

Close to 10 PM we went back to the Sheraton and we immediately knew that the event was coming to an end when a lot of people in white clothes came our way. Many of them were wearing plastic light sabres and in front of the big hall some guys dressed up as Darth Vader and Storm Troopers were posing for pictures. Clearly, no expense had been spared!

When the band had finished playing, Willow and I went through the tables and took some of the roses that were part of the decoration since they would just get thrown away anyway.

Outside we took this lively picture together. I posted it on Facebook with the caption "the officlial wedding picture" and people got very confused, ha ha ha!
What else is a girl in a wedding dress and a glittering bird's nest on her head to do? She suggested crossing the street and checking out the sales rack at H&M! Half an hour later I had bought three pairs of pants for 15 dollars each, the same flattering cut in different colors. I might not have to do so much laundry now on the rest of the trip!