Honolulu - Monday done right

Our second Monday in Honolulu started quite like the first one: We went along with Willow for her beach yoga class. It's so nice to be moving besides the banyan trees and under palm leaves.
Since she had a seceond class after that, we went to a nearby cafe with her friend Edward who had also taken the class and we chatted the time away.
Just like the week before we also went back to the Aloha Crepes restaurant for lunch. This is what the Broccoli Obama looks like:
Happy eaters
No wonder we needed a little nap after this! We went home to rest and to prepare for this day's most important activity: shopping at the Ala Moana. Starting at Macy's where we Willow,and I looked at every single shoe in the ladies section while Olivier did the same with shorts and Aloha shirts.
In the end he had a stack of clothes while I chose one pair of heels. Up to here I had only bought "comfortable" walking sandals, it was time for a little glamour!

Posing in my new shoes with the big fish.
We walked around all of the mall and I found a shop where I liked nearly everything except the prices... Must get that millionaire!
Willow had gone to teach a dance class inbetween. She picked us up at 8 with a student of hers and we went to a Thai restaurant that served very good food in gigantic portions. I only managed to eat half of it. Bring on the doggie bag!