Honolulu - surf, art, music

Surfing is definitely one of my must-do things in Hawaii. To avoid the strong, burning sun I decided to get up very early on Sunday. Like 5 AM early! Well, I could theoretically sleep longer, but Olivier always takes ages to get ready in the morning. 

This time we walked through the backstreets and residential areas to get to the beack quicker, which means in about 35 minutes, and we arrived at the beach after 7 AM. It was totally worth it and if just for the fact that surfboard rental is cheaper before 8 AM!

I hadn't surfed in quite a while, but it's a bit like riding a biycle: just get on the board and your body remembers what to do. I have never been a particularly good surfer anyway and I basically continued on that level. Fortunately, Waikiki's waves are very forgiving and will take you for long rides without too much work.
During about an hour I caught several good waves that I was very happy with. Then I paddled back to the beach to relax and finally read that book that I had to walk for so far the day before.

Olivier joined me about half an hour later which is quite extraordinary since he usually surfs for hours!
But it also meant that we got back home before noon.

It was mother's day and we joined Willow and her mum Sue for a little lunch at a neighborhood eatery. They had all kinds of chicken dishes from all over the world which were very delicious. I was glad to have chosen the "mini" dish - those American portions are as big as ever!

We finished in time to get Sue back home at 2 PM for her biggest treat of the day: a basketball game. She loves watching basketball and was very happy to catch this one.

We on the other hand continued to the Honolulu Museum of Art. It's a nice museum - not a gigantic one but with a lot of variety. Different rooms were dedicated to different themes or time periods and together we commented on all of the paintings and their little details which was fun.
This was one of my favorite paintings, "Hélène Lambert de Thorigny" by Nicolas de Largrillière. It has a slightly Hawaiian feeling about it with the flower lei around the lady.
Georgia O'Keefe was here too and painted the greenery of Hawai'i.
Posing in the Mediterranean court.
I found a dinosaur!
The beautiful Chinese court with a little pond
Some big fish!
Photo safari!
The main court at the entrance
After all the excitement we were ready for a good nap to be fresh again in the evening. 
Oli's birthday present for Willow: tickets to the Chaka Khan concert at the Blue Note club.
Even though we got there before the official opening time there was already a long line and we were given one of the last tables in our section of the club.
The concert was great - Chaka Khan is a powerful performer and her band was fabulous as well.