Honolulu - Yoga and lots of flowers

By now it had become clear that sleeping in is not something that we do,on this vacation... 
This day's morning activity: Yoga at the beach! 
Willow teaches this class on several days during the week, always at 8 AM and on Monday we accompagnied her.
I am not exactly a yoga buff but after all the long flights, the walking and surfing it certainly felt good to move my body in a concious way. Olivier even had his very first yoga experience.
Here's our totally not staged picture on the end of the lesson:
This was just a start - from there we drove on to Kaimuki to have a late breakfast. 

Stop on the way
On the way from the car to the restaurant we found a shop called Bead It and simply had to go in. Oli had recently developped a new love for wodden bracelets and us girls just always love to look at beads. I bought a stand of small black and white shells that will match my zebra print clothes.
We spent quite a while in that shop and it was already around 11 AM when we finally arrived at Aloha Crêpes where we had some of the most delicious crêpes ever!
As if we even had the space for more food in our bellies afterwards we also paid a visit to Otto Cake. Because there's always room for a bit of great cheescake!
Even though it's always warm in Hawai'i there are apparently still seasons here. This being Spring we were lucky to find a lot of blooming trees in the Koko Crater Botanical Garden.
Just some warning signs at the entrance... This a rather wild "garden" and the trails sometimes look more like dry river beds. 
There are so many plumeria trees with so many different colors, it's glorious!
They not only look pretty but also smell nice.
Let me show you all the different varieties:

According to Oli it's really easy to climb these trees!
The ground is covered with fallen flowers.
On the other side of the trail: the bougainvillea collection. Such vibrant colors!

More plumerias

On this three the flowers were practically overflowing - so many on each branch's end!

Off to other plants

This is the Americas section with succulents that look almost unreal.
Not your living room yucca...
They look so comfy.

The thorn tree
We're in a crater now.

Octopus agave
Stay away
Even this cactus is in bloom.
This looks like a wild bunch of churros to me.
Dry forest
The flowers of the Wili Wili tree
The name of this african tree was too complicated to remember.
These are the desert roses from the Arabian penninsula.
Even more plumeria on our way back!
The round trail is about 1.2 miles long but with all our photo stops we spent about 2.5 hours here - and it was time well spent. It's also a bit off the beaten track and there were hardly any other people there which was a nice change.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at home - we had definitely been out in the sun long enough!

To end the day on a musical note we went to the milonga for a little tango dancing. It only lasted until 11 PM which was fine with us since we had to catch an early plane the next day.