Tokyo - All the lovely views and mystery food

Wednesday was our time to say good-bye to lovely Hawai'i... We left Honolulu before noon and about 8 hours later arrived in Tokyo - on Thursday! Here's what you get from having two Fridays in a row!

Most other passangers were Japanese so we went through "Other Passports" quickly, collected our suitcases a few minutes later and were on the train soon. Ah, the efficiency of the Japanese!
The fast train took us through rice fields (Narita airport is really far out!) and suburbs until Uedo station. From there it was theoretically a 15 minutes walk to the hotel.
But soon we passed by a big lotus pond and simply had to stop and take pictures!
Late afternoon sun in the pond
There's a second pond nearby - we'll have to come back for a ride in a swan pedalo!
Beauty on the ground
The way to the hotel also lead us through a temple complex - more stuff to check out later!
The Edoya hotel offers Western and Japanese room. I had booked a traditional Japanese room which also had the advantage of being about 3 times as big the one on our last trip to Tokyo at the same price! 
Japanese bathroom - you must first clean yourself before taking a bath!
Walking around... These tiled facades are very popular here.
Crossing a bridge to see the last of the sunset...
...and the rising moon over a labyrinth of trin lines, bridges and buildings.
The benches here are so polished, they even reflect the trees above them.

Odd historical building between newer blocks. It has beautiful stained glass windiws that were unfortunately not lit.
On we walked on the search for food. Not that there isn't any - in fact there are so many little restaurants that it's hard to choose one!
In the end we entred one that offered "soba cuisine - buckwead noodles". I've had soba before, so I knew what to expect and the English writing gave us hope that there would be a menu that we would be able to read. We coudln't be more wrong...

There was a handwritten and copied menu of the day - all in Japanese. The only thing we could read were the prices.

This is how we ordered: pointing at two random items and hoping for the best...
What we received: a mystery vegetable in slices, cold (something between zucchetti and egg plant) and a fish that was actually quite good. After these starters we ordered our cold soba.

Our bodies were still on Hawaiian time and ordered us to go to sleep soon after we had walked back to the hotel!