Tokyo - Travel impressions

On the morning of our departure we left the hotel shortly after 7 AM and walked towards the Ueno train station. Of course there was another panda! This time on the floor.
We got on the Skyliner train to Narita airport. It's a ride of about 45 minutes and I was sure to have my new silicone bottle out. I didn't go looking especially for one with a Hello Kitty design - it's the basic model!
Speeding through rice fields...
We got to the airport early enough so that we still had time to spend our last yen after checking in our luggage. By the way: after 2,5 weeks of shopping my suitcase was still only 19,8 kilos! And I had no hand luggage.
So here's the thing about KitKat... In Japan, it's not just a chocolate bar - they have all kind of flavours, including wasaby, cherry blossoms, strawberry, grean tea etc. We bought some of them out of pure curiosity.
Have you ever seen a guy so committed to travelling? And once you are done admiring the clothes, take a look at his expensive accessories, including the glitter shoes.
Yes, this is a real Star Wars plane. And I did my research: There are more of these, they even have Star Wars inspired water cups in the plane!
Then there was the torture of a 12,5 hours flight... It's going to be a while until I will do that to myself again! When is teleportation going to be ready?
I really want to go back to Japan and Hawai'i but these places are just so damn far away!

And back home, waiting for the bus, I had a good look at the alps. Now it's time to get over the jet lag...