Istanbul - Downhill, uphill, repeat

Writing a travel blog is much better if you are sitting on a terrace with a view on the Golden Horn! 
So I walked up...
Not too shabby, eh?
After my boyfriend finally made it out of bed as well we started walking on Istiklal Caddesi. He needs a lot of ice cream and started with one that was practically his breakfast. But he wasn't going to get it easily - the traditional ice cream sellers put on a big show, tricking you into thinking you will get your scone but the oops, it is gone again!
It wouldn't be a complete day here without at least a little demonstration. Very well contained by the police.
Walking down Bogazkesen Caddesi with its many quirky little boutiques. This one has loads of printed shoes and bags. We bought two pairs of sneakers each!
Continuing through Cihangir - pickels are serious business here!
And finally we arrived in Karaköy, wandering through the little streets with lots of street art.

So many nice restaurants.
Hands up!
Eat more art?
Finally I found the Pim restaurant again - a place with lovely atmosphere and great food.
Modern girls - who cares about the food when there is WiFi?
Delicious lemonades

I don't always take pictures of my food but these salads were so worth it. I wish you could taste them!
Hey, it's a #IstanbulbyInstagram moment! The slightly famous rainbow stairs.
Who rules the city again? Ah yes, right...
We walked back through the steep streets of Cihangir and dropped our shopping bags at the hotel - just to leave again and go down to the Karaköy ferry.
Nice boat ride in the evening light.
Going to Üsküdar, on the right side of the Bosphorus.
Our goal was to watch the sunset from Büyük Camlica - since we'd had timwait formthe ferry for 20 minutes we were getting a little late, but we hopped into a taxi at the Üsküdar harbour and he drove us up just in time.
There it goes!
We were of course not the only ones who came for the spectacle, this is a very popular spot and the hill top was crowded.
A little snack maybe? What about freshly made gözleme? Watch the women work on them.
There's also a restaurant, but it was so nice and warm outside that we prefered not to sit inside.
On the back side you can see just how big the Asian part of Istanbul is! Plus the moon was rising there.
Another view over the Bosphorus.
Thanks to the public holiday the bus then took us back to Taksim in the record time of 25 minutes.

Time for a fat cake at Öszüt with a view on all the action on Istiklal street.
We had planned to go for another round of tango - but when we arrived at the location it was closed for renovations.
We also checked two other places that are in the Beyoglu area but they were closed as well. 
At least we had a good look at all the street action after 11 PM.
And here's a typical building: a party on every floor with different kinds of music.
Illuminated church near our hotel.
More cakes in interesting shapes
Back to the hotel to hang put in the historical lobby. We played a game of backgammon but some stones were missing which made it kind of odd.
Time for bed then!