Istanbul - It's electrifying!

We arrived in Istanbul on a lovely Friday morning.
Got out of the airport in a reasonable time and caught the shuttle bus from where I wrote a text message to the owner of the holiday house to let him know that we were coming.
It's the little house where I had stayed on my previous trips and I made an informal booking via WhatsApp like before, in February. Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten about me and rented it out to somebody else for an entire year!
After a short exchange in wich he tried to book me into a hotel he owns as well, we decided to just let it go and stay at the Grand Hotel de Londres like before.
I have been there many times and the receptionist greeted me like an old friend. He made the booking for a standard room but got us a really nice one with a view on the Golden Horn.

We just dropped our suitcases and were already out again to take a taxi to Santralistanbul.
This is definitely my favorite museum in Istanbul. I had been there before on my own and had had such a good time. I knew my boyfriend would enjoy it as well.

Again I was impressed by the size of those old machines that powered this electricity plant.
But this time I also admired their beauty - some of them are just works of art!

The control room
So many buttons, wheels, levers...

I don't know what these signs mean but I find them oddly faszinating.

Posing with machines!

See how big these screws are?
Sad face...

There's an entire section with science experiments. This one is so much fun to play round with - a heat detector that freezes your picture after some seconds.

There's a university nearby but it was a public holiday and hardly anybody was around.
A bus ride later through unusually light traffic (thanks public holiday!) we arrived by the Istanbul Sapphire tower.
There's a shopping mall of course, where we had the first proper meal of the day. No shopping though!
This is what we came here for! Again, something I had done before and put on the "Highlights of Istanbul nobody tells you about" list :-)
We go on high towers whenever we can because we aleays enjoy the view - and there's no better time than right before sunset.

Last rays of sun
And in the East the full moon was just rising.
The new Bosphorus bride, right by the Black Sea entrance.

The metro station is right under the tower and we took the train to the station closest to the hotel.
A nap later we went over to Beşiktaş for the Milongahane tango night. My ankles were still hurting a bit from when I strained them while moving my apartment but it wasn't too bad. 

To complete the list of different means of transportation for the day we took a dolmuş back to Taksim square and walked to the hotel. As every night the mussle sellers were making good business, even at 2:30 AM!