Istanbul - Karaköy and dance shows

Waiting for the ladies in the hotel lobby on Saturday morning was not too bad. There are so many lovely details to look at!

Walking towards Karaköy...
There are a lot of little designer shops on Bogazkesen street. But we couldn't figure out how to put those paintings and chairs into our hand luggage :-)
There's a window on the back side of the shop with a view over Cihangir. They also have chicken in the yard!
Shopping break
Before we really went into the heart of Karaköy we took a stroll along the main street where there's a big fat construction site (one of many in this area) and a cruise ship parked behind it.
Jacqueline practically risked her life running over the busy street just so that she could fit all of the famous rainbow stairs into the shot. Plus Ines and me of course!
Where did those clouds come from so suddenly?
Karaköy is Street Art Central! A lot of creativity goes onto these walls.

I think I posted this picture before, but it's still great with all those colors.
Posing in front of cans
There is a bi-weekly special market and we were lucky to catch it this day. Usually it's where local designers exhibit their goods. But from time to time they have a food edition with many locally produced goodies.
You could eat your way through the room!

Sorry for my funny face, I was probably just telling everybody how good these pear sweets taste!

The organizer always has his records on sale. I bought the James Bond one on the top right - mostly for decorative reasons, I must admit. But the guy went all record nerd over me about it :-)
Don't just look at food, eat it! But not without taking a picture first, of course.
Walking back up on Cukur Cuma Caddesi, a street famous for its little antiques shops.
Who's in heaven?
Now this warms my color coordinating heart! Stylish cat and her three kitten in a matching home.
Cezayir Sokkak, where dozenz of restaurants want to lure you in with comfy seats.
Somehow we always end up on Istiklal Caddesi. And if you need to pee, what more stylish place than the bathroom at Demirören?
Galatasaray football fans parading by, singing their battle songs. Ready to smash Besiktas! Only on the grass of course.
No these aren't early Christmas lights, they just leave the decoration up all year long.
I needed a rest after this to get ready for a long evening and night, so I went to take a nap.

Pink evening clouds, as seen on our hotel terrace.
My last Istanbul sunset for this time....

I stayed there for quite a while, until the others joined me. 
Everybody has new shoes!
We walked from the Tünel towards the water and over the Galata bridge. It's a great view by day AND by night!

The main activity of the evening was the Rhythm of the Dance show at the  Hodjapasha cultural centre, a former hammam. It's kind of an Oriental / folklore fantasy show with lots of spectacle.
Check out some pictures here:

On our way back. My clothing style had become quite eclectic... I had put on a dress to go dancing tango afterwards but it was too cold to go with bare legs, so I put on a new pair of pants that had bought here. Combined with glitter sneakers, fingerless gloves and flowers in my hair...
To get to the milonga faster, I took the tramway since Istiklal caddesi is quite crowded on a Saturday night.
Not only did I dance a lot myself, apparently it was also "season start" and several local couples (teachers I guess) performed a song each.  Two dance shows in one evening, not too bad!

My mother had told me not to walk home alone at night. Fat chance. This is how many people were still out and about at 2:30 AM. "Alone" is not something you can do here at this hour!
Even the sweets shop was still open!
Somehow I was still quite awake and I took the opportunity to pack all my stuff so that I could sleep in peace and get up quickly the next - our last - day.