Istanbul - Making the shopping official

The main reason for this entire trip had been the Istanbul Shopping Trip which I had organized. 
I still needed to restore myself a bit for this so I stayed in my room all Thursday morning except for breakfast.
But I did a first round of packing to see how much space there was left in my luggage  - and I gave myself a green light for more shopping!

Finally, I got the text message from Ines who had arrived at the airport and was now on the shuttle bus. So I strolled up to Taksim square to pick her up.

Back at the hotel I introduced her to Jacqueline, her room mate. And soon we were out and ready to shop.
Although I think they were a bit overwhelmed by the costume designers we went to see first. Should probably have warmed up with some lightweight nail polish shopping :-)  Nevertheless they admired the costumes on display, here at Legend Costumes.
Since we were close by we also paid a visit to Necmi Usta where I ordered a pair of tago shoes, as one does... He promised to finish them until Saturday after 3 PM!
His employee went straight to work.
No more pictures from here on. Well, it was basically the three of us going through all kinds of shops and buying things - as one does!
We had a nice dinner at Ficcin and then shopped on until the stores closed which is at 10 PM. 
Here's what I bought this time.
No further evening program, we had to be fresh for the next day which would be a long one!