Istanbul - Maximum fun at the bazaar and meyhane

I got up at 7 AM on Friday, by far the earliest during our entire trip! 
But I took the opportunity to go up on the terrace and hve a look at the view. It was the day after the rain and some clouds were still hanging around.
Even more dramatic over the Asian side!
I did the route with my little group as I hd tested it on Monday. You might recognize some places if you have read Monday's blog, as you should :-)
But of course they looked a bit different now and I might also add that the temperature had dropped about 12 degrees!

First stop, the metro bridge over the Golden Horn.

Just one metro station later we got out, but not without posing for pictures here;
Since I already had taken the "big" pictures at the Sehzade mosque, I conceded on the details this time.

Just a littlre corner of the giant carpet in the mosque.
Walking on we got to the new museum for hammam culture that we hadn't had time to visit on Monday.
We were informed that it was closed for redecoration.
But when one of us said that she had to pee urgently the guard took us through half of the museum.
So we basically had a free museum entrance, even if just for a short time. He also let us look at everything on the way out. I will definitely be backto see the full exhibition.
Taking pictures was not allowed but I figured the ceiling in the ladies room would be OK.
At the Grand Bazaar we went straight to the Ali Baba shop as usual. I introduced the girls to Erkan, our helping man. This is also where we started our shopping.
Jacqueline going through her list...
Tribal stuff for the lady?
Walking over to Cebeci Han, mostly for the photo opportunities.

So many pretty things, like this tassle heaven.
Think big!

Can Ines fit this into her hand luggage?
We need energy, and here it is.
One more lovely court to visit. I couldn't decide which picture of Zincirli Han I like best, so you get them all.

We expored many more streets of the bazaar and probably still only saw a third of it.
One of several shops for dance costumes.
After some hours we collected our bags and went over to the next highlight.
Just as impressive as the first time!
Another busy day on the roof of Büyük Valide Han.
One more jump for Istanbul!
Over the bazaar
Clouds done right
Nature reclaims
It's the Turbo snail
Walking down, passing the little workshops in the han.
One of these rooms was renovated very nicely, so we entered. It belonged to a jewellery designer and smith who creates very special pieces.
Here we bumped into Sidney, the embodiment of an enthusiastic American woman. She lives here and owns one of the rooms in the han which she rents out to nargile makers. She was really nice and very excited to learn that we are bunch of belly dancers.
Walking down to the Egyptian Bazaar
This was the head scarf street!
Fresh lemonade, we all had some.
So much glitter! And it's all so cheap!
Down in Eminönü we needed to pee and found an industrial sized public restroom.
Walking towards Galata in the evening light is always so nice!
My phone died on the way over the bridge, but you can refer to my post from Monday for sunset impressions.

A little chat before going out at night. There are some parrots in the hotel lobby, and this one has an especially large repertoire of words and noises. He also does a good cat impression.
I have been coming to Istanbul for 20 years but never actually went to a meyhane - it was about time!
A meyhane is a place with loads of yummy Turkish food and live music. Since it's mostly catering to a Turkish audience there were quite a lot of people, contrary to the mostly touristy places.
The band was excellent, with four main musicians and two additional ones who also were lead singers from time to time.
Soon everybody in the restaurant was singing along and we wished so much that we could join in, if only we knew the popular Turkish songs!
The atmosphere was wonderful and we had a great time.
From time to time the people got up to dance, either hopping around or walzing in couples.
Happy guests
A couple of guests doing their napkin dance.
Of course we also joined in!
We stayed until after midnight, very full with food and good vibes but also tired after such a long day.