Istanbul - Rumeli fort and calligraphy museum

On our way to the bus station at Taksim we encountered some traditional dancing - which is actually done by men in Turkey!  Complete with finger cymbals.
A long bus ride along the Bosphorous later, by the second bridge: It was a very windy day and mostly overcast. We didn't mind after so many hot days.
Old wooden building 
Nice view
This is what we came for: the Rumeli fortress. It's much bigger than it looks from the street level.
Old cannons lined up
Walking up a lot of stairs
And it's steep too!
Worth the climbing
Closed door to the tower
Some "official" people opened the door and went inside - we had just a minute to peek inside. Looks nice! I hope it will be opened to visitors in the future.
More views
If you have a nice amphitheatre... build a mosque in the middle. Because logic.
The air over the Bosphorus is filled with airplanes! They were coming practically every one or two minutes. Not a quiet place to live!
There's a bunch of restaurants down by the fort's entrance. We were hungry from all the climbing and went right in, sitting on a table right in front of the terrace.
There are some really big ships passing through the Bosphorus!
I think this should be enough for the moment... Oli was all excited over his eggplant and lamb scewer.
It seems like every time I leave a restaurant here I am close to exploding...

Going on to the Sakıp Sabance museum - unfortunately there was no special exhibition like the last time. But it's nice anyway, also in the park.
The old family mansion that was turned into a museum.

There is so much art and beautiful furniture in here!

Mirror selfie time!
The building also contains a calligraphy museum. It's such an art the way the books are written and decorated.

Another mirrir selfie!
Art in the park
We were rather tired by then - the last few days had taken their toll on us.
On the bus ride back we dozed off for a while...

I was still very full from lunch, but some people apparently never get enough.
Working it all off again by strolling through Cihangir which is all about the steep hills.
There's also a gigantic construction site that has been there for years. Looking through the fence I found that they still had a lot of work to do.
I had been looking for a nice old mirror or at least a frame for my new bathroom. In the end I found a frame in a little shop close to our hotel. But just as we were maybe 100 meters from the hotel, the rain that had been a light drizzle suddenly turned into a mini typhoon. The rain became very strong and the wind was blowing so hard that the water was coming at us horizontally!
We only had a few seconds to find shelter behind the nearest wall.
Fortunately the worst was over after a few minutes and we were only half soaked after running to the hotel. 
A change of clothes and a little rest later we went out for dinner at a nice Russian restaurant I had discovered on Instagram - just to find out that it had closed! It was another bummer on this trip... so we went shopping and eating cake instead.

At least we took the opportunity to show off our new shoes from Dogo that we had bought here on Saturday.

Then we sat in the hotel lobby for a long time and used the faster Internet connection there. No new adentures this night!