Istanbul - shopping all day long

Our late nights mean that we get up late as well. But there's really no reason to get up early on a Sunday in Istanbul! Nothing starts before 10 AM anyway...

Even at 11 it's still quite empty on Istiklal Caddesi.
I know quite a bunch of people in Istanbul by now and we went to Taksim square to meet Lara, an American dancer friend.

Even the street dogs were just lying around - but then that's really all they every day!
We had big breakfasts in a nice little restaurant in Cihangir and chatted for a while.
Then Olivier and I returned to Taksim with the goal to go shopping down the entire Istiklal Caddesi - a project that would take up the rest of the day!

One shop I really lie is KikiRiki. It has all the outrageous party fashions. Even my boyfriend found it amusing enough to go through all the 5 floors with me.
My goth friends would like it here!
One of the other many, many shops that I always go to is the gigantic H&M. Yes, we have one at home, but everything is cheaper here of course.
Something we don't have in Switzerland is the Home department. They have really nice designs. Somebody bought 3sets of bed sheets!
Many shops later I had a bunch of t-shirts, two new pairs of sandals, a skirt and more. All that was missing: stocking up on my favorite nail polish brand in the world. 
I am very convinced that all those expensive designer polishes are totally overpriced. Cheap polish, that's where it's at!
These are just a few pictures but we had been shopping for about 5 hours when we got back to the hotel to deposit our purchases so far ans to take a break.
When I took the picture of my new things I noticed the flat light, turned around and saw that it was almost sunset time!

Well, that's what the roof terrace on top of the hotel is for. 
It's a very popular spot, for tourists and locals alike.
It's also always nice a little later when the lights are turned on.
Then we had dinner at the Ficcin restaurant around the corner - it was a day of short distances.
There was still a part of the street we hadn't shopped yet.
Olivier aka Mister "I don't need anything" got two pairs of trousers at Mango. But all the pants I troed on seemed to be in children sizes...

Down by the Tünnel station.
He said he was going to destroy me at backgammon that night. Nice try. I'm still the champion!