Istanbul - staying close by

On Wednesday it was time for my boyfriend to go home - but not without another little round of shopping.

Time for more #IstanbulByInstagram!
I had found the producers of special printed pestemal and wanted to buy some from them. They are in Cihangir, not too far from our hotel. We had passed there before but it had been closed.

Olivier, who is normally quite geographically challenged, found the shop again easily in its little backstreet.

Actually it's more an office (they are visual designers) with a little room where they store the towels. You can find them under @bravoistanbul on Instagram.
Many of these little speciality shops and producers sell their goods at design markets that pop up here and there.

These are the ones I got, one with a bellydancer and one with a big letter Ş.
Cats are everywhere in Istanbul, not just outside but in buildings too. At Bravo Istanbul they have an especially cute one. It was hard to photograph because it kept jumping arpund and playing with my bags.
Walking by some street art of a fierce lady.
Old build buildings on Istiklal are constantly being renovated and reopened. The Grand Opera is not completely finished. It already holds a theater and will soon be home to Madame Tussaud's. See, I have to come back all the time to keep up!
More nice buildings

This has been a construction site for many years. They practically tore down an entire neighborhood!
It's right beside the airport shuttle bus station. This is where I had to say goodbye to Olivier and send him off to his trip home.
This was also the moment for me to take a break from all the walking. So I headed to the tramvay station.
Inside the historic tram.
Theoretically I would have had to move into a smaller, single room at the hotel. But the concierge thought about it only quickly and then said: "You keep the room." The pleasures of being a recurring guest!
And the pleasures of staying in one of the oldest hotels of Istanbul!
Yummy dinner!