Milano - Accidental shopping and loads of bones

Since our limited budget only allowed for a cheap hotel that didn't even have a breakfast room, we had to go somewhere else - my friend really needs her coffee fix in the morning!
There's a cozy little cafe just around the corner where they make a hot chocolate so thick that your spoon will practically stand upright in it!
We only really had one thing planned for the day - but while walking there we accidentally found the Corso de Buenos Aires which turned out to be a major shopping street of Milan. Ah, the temptation! Contrary to the designer stores we had visited before, there were a lot of affordable shops around here, where we actually COULD buy stuff even if we hadn't planned to, like glitter socks or cheap cosmetics...
Very cool mix-and-match bags - we were good girls and only bought some flowery rubber bangles here...
Natural history museum - a very nice building and maybe a goal for a future visit.
Finally we got back to the expensive shops that were so out of our price range that we could just do some window shopping in peace. Like these wonderful sweets.
Welcome to Vivienne Westwood!
One of my personal highlights of the day: the Dolce & Gabbana accessories shop. Unfortunately I couldn't get a clearer shot of those shoes, they were absolutely gorgeous! 
We spent a lot of time in here looking at all the Cinderella inspired shoes and bags. The nice young shop assistant followed us around, telling us about the inspiration behind the different designs and the special materials that were used. He didn't seem to mind that we were obviously not going to buy anything. It was like visit to a fashion museum!
Some more designer shops and a little walk later we found what we had been looking for: San Bernardino alle Ossa.
The little church looks quite normal at first until you turn right and walk into the side chapel.... built on a former cemetery this chapel's walls are covered with bones and skulls of thousands of people!
I have always found the Catholics to have a strange fascination with the dead, but this definitely takes the cake!
Yeah, let's make some patterns out of skulls!

Walking by the Duomo again - I think one could spend hours just looking at alll the details on the outside. But that's not what we wanted to do right then.
Did you know that the outside of the world famous Scala opera house is so unassuming (compared to all the private palaces!) that you might think you're standing in front of the wrong building? 
At least the street lights there are nice.
Walking on - a little visit to the Kenzo shop that has this sculpture by the entrance.
You can see a lot of these all over town.
Towards the evening we arrived by the train station, with the sun setting behind the skyline.
Great light for photography 
Milano Centrale always kind of reminds me of the film Metropolis.

Inside the inner entry hall - I had already admired it when we had arrived but now we had more time to look around and take pictures.

A reminicence to Ancient Rome.

A perfect frame for my glitter shoes
Well, and then we had to go get our suitcases and board the train home...
Arrivederci Milano, I think I will be back! It's a great city to visit and as we proved during this trip it doesn't have to be expensive at all.
What's more, with the new tunnel through the Alps it will soon be only a 3 hours train ride away!