Milano - Canals, churches, castello

We started our Thursday morning with a metro ride to Porta Genova to check out the canals in the Navigli area.
Cities always look kind of nice and serene in the mornings. So do these streets - normally busy in the evenings with all those restaurants, they were still a bit sleepy even after 10 AM.
Hey, our first chirch visit in 3 days! This one looks a bit industrial since apparently they ran out of money for outside decorations.
Inside however it was finished.
I especially liked the modern stained glass windows.

Nice little corners
There are several canals, this is the widest one.
All those lovely reflections!
I literally ate nothing but cake and pastries all day long!
Our table neighbours were football fans from Southampton who came here for a match that evening. All clad in their team's t-shirts or shawls. We had seen some of them earlier and would meet more all through the day. They must have been a big delegation!

Over at the Porta Ticinese
Another canal
Sant'Eustorgio, the saint with a sword not ON but IN his head!
His famous basilica
Street art nearby
Callipraphy with graffiti - a picture says more than a thousand words...
History on the wall
One basilica chases the next. San Lorenzo from the back...
...and the front
This is a very old church, dating back to the 5th century. But some additions have been made over time, resulting in an interesting mix.
Looking up
Old paintings on the walls

One of the several side chapels
An elephant on the wall!
Outside the basilica there's a row of columns from even older times that had been reused. We walked up the street from there.
The number of great old houses is astonishing- there must have been a LOT of wealthy people in Milan in the 19th century and it sure was a good time to be in the construction business!
Some smaller, older buildings in one of the many little streets
Somebody took "My home is my castle" very literally.
The catholic university
All those nice details
We got to the Parco Sempione and first entered the Triennale di Milano building where a new exhibition for contemporary art was just being installed. I liked this decoration over the main staircase.
Since we only did things that were available for free, we skipped the exhibition and took the elevator up to the rooftop restaurant where we admired the view from there.
That's the UniCredit tower in the center where we had been to the day before.
Interesting, art inspired playground
On another end of the park we found the Arco della Pace - the arc of peace.
If you turn around you can see right across the big parc to the Castello Sforcesco.
A nice walk through the parc.
The Castello is huge!
There are several inner courts like this one.

Ceiling mosaic in one of the courts
And another court...
The fountain at the castle's exit - it looks like a cake.
By then we had been walking for about seven hours, so we took the metro back to the hotel. One last time we met some Southamton fans who were apparently traveling to the stadium and warming up their singing!

At the hotel we relaxed until it was dinner time - which in Italy is never before 7 PM!
Since - as mentioned above - I had eaten pastries and gelato all day long, I really needed some meat and vegetables for balance. But I couldn't resist the delicious desserts afterwards. Food is really the only thing we spent money on during this trip. And fortunately it was very affordable!