Zürich - Palais Rechberg

You don't always have to travel far to see amazing things.
As this visit to the baroque city palace Rechberg in Zurich proves!

Backside with the beginning of the garden.
Looking up the lovely garden
We once had a dance photo shoot here!

In the old times when the entrance of the building had a lot of free space and not a busy street in front of it...
The humble servants' entrance
A very typical element of this style is symmetry and you can find it all over the place.
This is one of the many magnificent ceilings in the house.

Paint the walls and paint the oven, so we have something to look at!

Wow, if you look at this wooden floor too long you can get dizzy...
During the renovation, modern elements were added like these art curtains
I approve of the sequin fabric curtains!
The stucco is high art! Like in this detail where a little bird seems to come out of the wall.
Idyllic country life.
Yes, this is now used as an office, as the building belongs to the state. And therefore a little bit to mee too :-)
I spent a lot of time during the guided tour just looking up!
In this room, the stucco had sympols for all four seasons, like this one for Summer.
A tiny lion on the right
So many doors!
And a little dog too!
Modern lamp in an old room.
On my way home, across the old town of Zurich.
Isn't my city beautiful?