California - Driving, dancing, driving, dancing...

After my four days in San Diego it was time to move on.
On Friday I rented a car and drove up to Orange County.

Things started quite lovely.

But oh, the crazy traffic on the freeways of California...
I also spotted a vanity plate of a Bollywood fan! (Tere Naam is an Indian film from the year 2003)
Cars, cars, cars... and might I say, the quality of the road is rather crappy.
My host in Costa Mesa was Lilla. She showed me around the area and at night we went for dinner in a huge restaurant that had an acutal stage. There was enough room for an entire group of dancers!

View from the guest room I was staying at. See why this is called "Orange" County?
Getting ready for the workshop I was teaching there on Saturday.
I had to adjust to "Californian time". Meaning that people here are not very punctual. They were still coming in after the workshop had started... Other than that it went really well. 

Afterwards I hopped into my car and drove up to Los Angeles. Thanks to the dancers' network I also had a guest sofa to sleep on there in Carolynn's house - which she shared with a cat and two gigantic dogs.

I finally remembered to take a group picture! This was my Sunday afternoon workshop at Anisa's school in Sherman Oaks with all the lovely ladies who came to learn Lebanese style from me. Carolynn is the one in the white t-shirt.
My trusted vehicle in front of Carolynn's home
On Monday I drove to Berkeley - now this was a longer trip. About the same distance as from Zurich to Paris, and it took the best part of the day to get there.

I took the scenic route along the coast, route 101.
And while we are at it, why not stop in the beach town of Santa Barbara? 

Ah, colorful tiles, how I love them!

Relaxing in the sunshine
The landscape slowly changed...

The closer I got to Berkeley (and  to rush hour) the more traffic there was. No more time to take pictures! I was really glad when I finally made it to my hotel in the evening!