California - Sunny San Diego and Sea World

After the cool weather and small town groove of Placerville going down to San Diego and it was like arriving in a different world. Suddenly it was warm and sunny and there were palm trees!
Also, I'm not really comfortable in villages, I much prefer a big town. So being back "in civilisation" felt good.

I had found a great deal for a Double Tree hotel and my first impression was very good: When I checked in, I got a cookie! And the bed was really big and had so many pillows...

Looking out of my hotel room to different angles...

As an added bonus, the hotel was just 15 minutes by foot from the Fashion Valley shopping mall. I mean, that name alone is promising.... You can bet that I headed there first thing on Monday and got my shopping mode on!

On my second day I went into town and walked around the gas light quarter of San Diego with beautiful old buildings.

That's an interesting obelisk...
Found another mall! Because it's usually warm and dry here, they are all open air malls which is really nice.

The Santa Fe train station - it looks like a church...
And the university looks like a big fort!
Getting some more history
The Botanical Building
And next to it the Museum of Art - the entire neighborhood has a lot of beautiful old buildings
San Diego by night - taken with my crappy old camera...

Of course I went to Sea World, one of San Diego's main attractions. 
There was so much to see, like these funny guys for example:
See-through fish
Orca show

Wanna go down the slide? Prepare to get wet...
Friendly fish?

Walking through a big tunnel in a water tank was very impressive. Say hi to the sharks!

By the tank - wearing my new sports jacket at bought in the Fasion Valley!
They have birds too.
Now that's a slide!
On to the cold water dwellers
Ice bears! In artificial ice...

All kinds of water mammals
So many stars
Bring on the dolphins
More posing

Some like it cold
I spent many hours here and really enjoyed it!