Zürich - Going to the forest for tree hunting

Sometimes you get lucky! In early December, Zurich's electricity company, the EWZ, launched a photo contest called meinlichtmoment (my light moment) and one of the photos I posted was a winner! Here it is:
I won one of 24 Christmas trees they offered, including a chain of LED lights. And not just any old tree, no I had go to into the forest and get it in person. So on December 21st I drove up to Hönggerberg.
There was an official tree sale going on, but us winners had to walk further.
Just when I started having doubts if I was on the right track I saw a light on the end of the path. 
 It was really cold and the fire was very welcome.
 I was then told that I could go and pick my own tree. Walking past older pines...
 ...and baby trees.
There were several trees with a red mark from which we could choose. Fortunately a young employee offered to cut it down for me.
 Here I am with my very own tree.
Getting it wrapped up for easier transportation
OK, so we have a group of Swiss people and a fire. What is the one thing that's missing? Sausages!
All of us got one along with the sticks that were already prepared for us so we could have a little barbecue.
Some people had treated this like a family excursion, bringing along children and grandmothers, others had come alone like me. We had a little chat and enjoyed our meal.

My car may be small, but after folding down the passenger chair I was able to fit my tree into it.
As I had never had a tree for myself I had to borrow a tree stand, and my boyfriend found me a really stylish one!
I also only own 3 ornaments (thanks to my aunt Nelly and my friend Willow). But I will invite some friends next week to celebrate this tree of lights and ask them to bring me a little something to hang on the branches. Will post a picture of the result later!