California - Berkeley and San Francisco

Tuesday was my birthday! I started it by walking around Berkeley in the sunshine.
People sure are "different" here, also than in the other parts of California I had visited so far.
For starters there are a lot of students because of the university. There also seems to be a certain hippie vibe.
I had lunch at a pizzeria and was sitting by the open window. A man came walking by, stopped, said to me: "thank you for being beautiful" and just walked on.... And I was like, what just happened???
Then the owner of the pizzeria tried his best to hit on me, but no luck.
Well, they sure all knew how to flatter me on my birthday!

Later I met up with Zari, a local dancer who had organized my workshop for that night. Because teaching Lebanese style is a good way to celebrate a birthday!
Here's my great class:
Teaching all those workshops was also a way for me to meet a lot of dancers I would later see again at the Rakkasah festival of the following weekend.

On Wednesday, Zari and I went over to San Francisco. One of the first things I noticed: There ar a lot of heavily tattooed people here! This is just a random local guy who was ready to pose with me.
There are also a lot of beautiful buildings to look at.

No visit to San Francisco is complete without a stroll through China Town.

Zari went shopping...

I always love to visit parks - and this being March there were so many blossoming trees! The Golden Gate park has a Japanese section too.
Side note: Buying that pink jacked and the matching sneakers in San Diego was a good idea - I seem to have worn them all the time during this trip...
Sakura time!

Not only flowers - they are really bringing a piece of Japan to this place.

It was a steep climb up there!
How lovely! 
Hello little friend

I went back to San Francisco on my own the following day to do some shopping. 
One of my first stops was a shop for dance supplies where I wanted to buy some tango shoes. But when I wanted to pay, I had to find out that my credit card had maxed out! 
All those hotels, car rental and my shopping in San Diego had apparently added up to my credit limit.... And I only had a handful of cash with me, the rest was back in my hotel room.

All I could do was walk around a bit, looking at buildings, like this giant Apple store!

Down by the wharf
I didn't stay too long though since I hardly had enough money left to buy food and I still had to pay for my train ticket back to Berkeley.

Back at the hotel I called my credit card company to ask them to raise my limit since I was going to stay for nearly another week! 

Armed with more cash I went to wander around Berkeley some more, and I found myself. Literally!