Istanbul - When it only rains once...

So yes, I made a lot of plans for this trip, but sometimes you have to be flexible.

On Sunday I wanted to walk around Kadiköy on the Asian side with a friend who lives close to there.
But the traffic was pretty crazy and the rain got worse during our drive, so there really wasn't a point in strolling along the shore in cold, wet weather with the view hidden by clouds. Put it on the list for next time...

Instead we turned around, crossed the big bridge over the Bosphorus and went for Karaköy, one of my favorite parts of Istanbul. Walking around the small streets was OK and for once these umbrellas really made sense!
We had a late lunch and chatted for a while, then walked on.

Karaköy is street art central! There are more photos of graffiti in my previous posts about this neighborhood.
Man, was I glad about my raincoat!
We had another stop for dessert and more chatting - a rainy afternoon is best spent in good company, so you don't mind the weather too much.

Culture spot for today: the old police station.

We ended up going back to Taksim and doing a bit of shopping - at least then you get to be inside in the warm and dry...

So that's all, no more pictures because there just wasn't much to show.

As I had planned a full day of hardcore shopping for Monday, I decided to skip the nightlife and get a good night's rest.