Zürich - Evening impressions from all angles

It was a fine, sunny evening at the end of March... A good opportunity to have a good look at a little part in the old town of Zurich.

Walking out on a pier in the river Limmat....

 Evening sun
 Stadhaus, Fraumünster church, Zunfthaus zur Meisen
 Last rays of sunlight on the other side
 No bridge is spared those damn love locks!
 Car reflection - Wasserkirche and Grossmünster
 A little detail - there are about a dozen of those little figurines on the facade of the Stadthaus.
 Looking up the Fraumünster wall
 Inside the monastery court
 Just a few meters away there's a ferris wheel - how could I resist? Not!
 Great views all around

 Last picture before my phone ran out of battery....