Zürich - Friedhof Manegg: A cemetery stroll

When you want to go on a flower safari and your friend is goth, what better than a visit to a cemetery? We had been to one already during our trip to Milan.
For this sunny Sunday afternoon in April we chose Friedhof Manegg, one of the big, park-like cemeteries in Zurich.

At the entrance we were greeted with a selection of my favorite flowers, tulips in all kinds of colors, from orange to "Queen of the Night".

Red tulips are still the best.
Not the effect I was planning for, but it looks kind of cool!
Delicate white with purple accents
These are called Abba, no kidding :-)
On we went to a collection of iron crosses - they are not on graves anymore but here on display to show the art of iron work.
One of many angels with lots of Spring flowers
Such a nice view in a peaceful atmosphere!
An old flame...
There are a lot of old family graves.
Contemplating mortality...

A single tulip
Composition of oak leaves, cross and ivy
Reflections in the lotus pond
A different angle
Wild tulips
Gorgeous magnolia tree
How would you like your cross?
Rainbow flowers
A little lady statue
And another lady statue - what is she looking for?
Such a lovely stroll...
Tree friends
And in the middle of it there's a herd of sheep with their lambs, grazing away.
Yes it IS a big cemetery!
Another cross hidden behind flowers
Lilac time!
And one last angel to bid us goodbye