Zurich - looking for Spring

An Easter holiday is an excellent opportunity to hop on the bicycle and go looking for flowers around town.
Wisteria time!

Crossing the Sihl river with one lone fisherman in it.
Over to Schanzengraben, the small river around the old city fortification walls. 
On top of it is the old botanical garden.
More water, this time going up into the air, with the opera house in the background.
More wisteria above the Stadelhofen train station 
This was one of my main goals, the villa Patumbah. Unfortunately the flowers here were not as ready yet as I had hoped, I was about a week too early.
But there are flowers on the building.
The pretty pavillon. We had used this park for a dance photo shoot in May, a few years ago.
On my way down to the lake I passed by this mountain of flowers with matching cars in the background.
Fresh yellow
There we four people in Easter bunny costumes on motorbikes - I was able to catch two of them.
So many colors down by the lake!
 Flower hunt would not be complete without a picture of the big flower clock.
Further down the park.
And there aren't just outdoor plants showing the arrival of Spring - the succulent collection (one of Zurich's free museums) has flowers too!

Massive change of scenery on my way home through this tunnel for pedestrians and cyclists.
And a green tunnel as well, back by the river Sihl. This used to be my way home from work...