Toggenburg - hiking in the Alps

On a sunny Saturday afternoon we drove up to the mountains. For our hike we first had to get up on a chair lift...
And here's the starting point! 
Climbing up - every two minutes I shouted "It's so beautiful up here!" because that's what it really is.
Of course we first had to equip Oli with an ice cream to keep him happy.
Just look at this! The chain of seven mountains is called Churfirsten and we basically walked under them from left to right, starting under Chäserugg and ending under Selun.
I wish I could include the smell and sound in the picture...

It was a warm day but we still found patches of old snow. And yes, we are those sandal hikers from the big city :-) But it's mostly an easy hike that doesn't require heavy boots.
Tree leftovers 
Posing on a rock
I don't know what these leafy plants are but they are all over the place!
Snow patch

This was a short more challenging part of the path...
...but the views are always worth it!
Somebody likes to keep his feet cold...
When the snow melts it comes down in a little river.

Getting close to the end.
And this is the main attraction that we came for: The Wildenmannlisloch. A deep cave that was already inhabited by prehistoric humans. 
If you want my boyfriend to go anywhere just tell him: "There's a cave" and he will come along!
I had only been here once as a child on a school excursion. We went all the way back to the end of the cave where it gets very narrow - and came back out covered in mud from head to toe. Something I spared myself this time since it's rather cold in there.
On the way back out.
The Toggenburg - a lovely area of Switzerland that consists of many mountains and valleys.
After hiking for hours I wasn't keen on walking down a steep path for another 1,5 hours. 
So I agreed to take the cable car down. Which I wasn't looking forward to much because it basically is just an open box of wood and steel...
See the shadow down there? That's us!
Forcing a smile... I spent most of the time with my head down to avoid panicking. Also notice that it was very cramped in there.
After 10 minutes we arrived down in the valley and got scolded by the lady who operates the cars for loading in 6 people when you're only supposed to go by 4 at a time... But I guess we all just really wanted to get down.
Traditional house 
From here we took the bus back to our car.

Here's what we did that day - starting down left at the arrow.