Walensee - Hiking from Weesen to Quinten

What to do when your Summer vacation is still a month away? Take a mini-vacation instead!

In this case I hopped into my car and drove to the Walensee early on a Saturday morning.

Spotting about a dozen hot air balloons on the way...
My starting point was the small town of Weesen. It's one of those places you always drive by on your way south and think "one day I will go there". Well, now I did and it was worth it.

Before starting my hike, I took a short stroll through the old part of Weesen with such a pretty view!
Fill your watter bottle here...
Starting my hike - the lake to my right and a steep wall of rocks to my left.
The other side of the lake is where all the traffic passes through - the traffic jams along the Walensee used to be legendary! Fortunately they are gone now, thanks to a better highway.
The mountain wall comes down nearly vertically - no more space for a street, so let's go through some tunnels.
And just when you think that it's going to be easy-peasy, you have to walk uphill. Passing by some last houses and an old ruined fort - Burgruine Strahlegg.
Where you live if you don't want to have neighbors. But the gardens are wonderful!
Soon after this, the road ended and all that was left was a path through the forest, passing by the Seerenbachfälle, a high waterfall.
On the other side of the bridge. By now I was already high up above the lake.
More waterfalls
Passing by another pretty old house.
Now this is where the wilderness really starts...
A spider's web in the middle of the path.
Somewehre far down there is the lake...
After about two hours I started the descend. It was not for the faint of heart! Steep and rocky, they even hat chains attached to the wall to prevent people from falling.
From time to time, heavy rainfalls cause rocks to slide down from the mountain - and they land in your way.
I didn't enjoy that last half hour as much as the rest, it was hard work to climb / walk downhill. If I ever do this hike again, I would definitely do it the other way round, as I find it easier to walk up steep, uneven paths than down.

No kidding!
This was my reward! I finally arrived in Quinten after nearly 3 hours.
It's a tiny village with 56 inhabitants and no cars - it can only be reached by boat or on foot.
Soon the grapes will be ready...
Just a small house in front of a big mountain
About 1,5 months ago we had walked on the other side of these mountains.

It turned out that I had walked too fast and got to Quinten too early. The boat back to Weesen only goes a few times per day, and I suddenly had nearly 1,5 hours to kill.
After sitting down in one of the restaurants to drink something I strolled on along the lake. Not far away there were rocky "beaches" where people went swimming.
That's where I sat down to eat my lunch in the shade.
To slow myself down and because I had been cooling off my feet in the lake, I decided to walk back barefoot.
Still half an hour left, low battery on the phone... that's when you can just sit on a bench, relax and watch the clouds go by....
Finally on the boat and on my way back to Weesen.
I had walked somewhere here, through the forest high up - hard to imagine!
Maybe it's better that through the trees I didn't see exactly how steep the mountains are...
Getting closer to Weesen - I was intrigued by this tunnelled street up to the village Amden and decided that I would drive there afterwards.
Back to Weesen!
And up the mountain again, this time driving. In just 5 to 10 minutes you can climb up really high!
View down on the lake and into the valleys of Glarus.

It was still just early afternoon - but I had had my share of adventures and decided to drive home and take a nap.
Already thinking about where I could go next - there are so many more beautiful places to see in Switzerland!