Bologna - Posing with The Beatles

What to do on the last day of your vacation when your trains leaves in the middle of the afternoon and it's kind of cloudy? Go to a museum of course.
I had seen posters advertising this exhibition all over Bologna and thought it would be fun and also a nice contrast to all the historical sights.There were a lot of photographs of course, showing the early Beatles.
I had done my best to put on my Sixties cosplay with the limited resources that I had. But without knowing it in advance, that's why I had bought this dress in the sales in Otranto after all.
Nowadays there's a Selfie Zone everywhere.
There was a really informative audio guide with lots of interesting facts and of course music of the Beatles playing in all the rooms - it was fun to watch other visitors as they were holding themselves back from singing and dancing along.

Additional exhibition: rare album covers.
And let's just take a look up - after all this was happening in an old palazzo.
It had rained while we were in there. Time for taking some reflection pictures.
Walking back to the train station...
The essential Bologna in just one picture.
There's also a big park, where the leaves had started to turn. This and the cooler temperatures suddenly made me feel like I had arrived in Autumn after all.
Walking over the railway bridge we found one last monument: The Shoah memorial.
Ready for take-off!
Changing trains in Milan with just enough time to buy some food and walk to the very end of the train, where our reserved seats were located.
Well, that's it.... Until our next time in Italy, because it's one of our favorite countries to visit and literally just a train ride away.

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