Gallipoli - strolling and sightseeing

Starting the day with standard breakfast: a warm croissant filled with jam and a Lemonsoda for me, any kind of pastry and a capuccino for Olivier. Preferably eaten outside.
This is the little street we are currently residing in. It has the typical houses of this region. Many only have one level but high ceilings and the big door leads directly into the living room.
On the road again... by September the landscape is rather dry. 
Want to buy yourself a little palazzo? This one might be for sale.
We chose the opposite coast of yesterday for this day's excursion, the Ionic sea instead of the Adriatic one. Since our holiday home is right in the middle, both are about equally far away.

Hello seagull in the port of Gallipoli!
Climbing a wall just to pose for a picture. It was still morning but the sun was already very strong.
The old town of Gallipoli is actually an island, connection with a short bridge. It's surrounded by a city wall that we stolled along. There even is a little beach.
Of course there is an over abundance of churches. We only went into a few, starting with one that had impressive side altars. These were usually sponsored by rich citizens.
Nice balcony for the organ.
Did I mention that there are many churches? This is not the only example of two right side by side. Makes you wonder who went to pray in all of them, given that old Gallipoli is not that big!
Port with the Castello to the left and a monstrosity of a modern hotel to the right (of course if you are in there, the view must be great).
How about this view? And it's only half of what they have to offer. The one with the stripes in the center is the "Gallipoli" flavor and it's my new favorite gelato! The portions are generous and even a "small" cone counts as lunch...
This is where we were - and we sure will visit some more of their restaurants!
Plan of the old town, as you can see it's basically a fortified island.
Inside the Castello - so many posing opportunities!
They have these domed round towers that amplify every sound you make when you stand right in the center. It's really cool.
Headless Olivier?
The biggest hall with an exhibition of paintings. All royal ports as painted by a German artist.

Posing with people from the port painting 
After walking all around the island, we headed into the little streets and found the typical row of tourists shops. They will offer you so many leather sandals that you finally give in and buy a pair (in our case it was Oli who did it).
Time for another church. They all have their specialties, this one was decked in huge paintings.
There's even one around the entrance.
A few street corners away we found the entrance into a former underground oil mill. They used to press olives here to get lamp oil which was then exported to places all over Europe.

The oil used to go into those round holes in the ground.
Walking on, catching glimpses of the sea.
A reflection of the evening sun
It was close to sunset when we sat down in this restaurant.
The name says it all!
It was a hard competition between the pizza on my table (getting cold) and the sun setting at the same time (must take pictures).
Interestingly it was only after sunset that the Isola di Sant'Andrea became visible, and even hints of Calabria (doesn't really show on the photo).
Walking back, passing by the same beach that we saw in the morning, now transformed by the different light.

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